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Udaipur : Exploring the unexplored places

Proudly called the “City of Lakes”, with the ochre and purple ridges of the wooded Aravalli Hills stretching away in every direction, Udaipur has a romance of setting unmatched in Rajasthan and arguably in all India.

Fantastical palaces, temples, lakes and countless narrow, crooked, timeless streets add the human counterpoint to the city’s natural charms. There’s tranquillity of boat rides on the lake, the bustle and colour of ancient bazaars, a lively arts scene, the quaint old-world feel of its better hotels, endless tempting shops and some lovely countryside to explore on wheels, feet or horseback.

But wait, who doesn't love to take the road less traveled and go to some of the most amazing yet unexplored places in Udaipur?

Let me take you on my journey to these amazing places.

Lake Badi is the best place to witness a beautiful sunrise.

How about some drool worthy Gulab Jamun?

If all these excite you, have a look at this video

- Soul and Fuel

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