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Trek to Dudhsagar via “Railway Track”

Dudhsagar Trek has been on my mind since quite sometime that too through Railway Tracks. I’ve heard that the trek is quite adventurous and tiring. In March 2022, I was on a project in Goa and during the weekend, I decided to go on the Trek. We started the trek from Goa and took out the rented scooter and started riding around 4.30 Am. The route was amazing.

We reached the Kulem railway station around 6.30 AM and had our breakfast from a shop there.We parked our bike near a shop and started trekking via the railway track. Just to ensure that it is fine to do the trek, we asked a railway gateman and he said it is perfectly fine to go ahead. Super excited, we started walking through the forest and pretty little waterfalls. We even saw around 6 trains passing by, mostly the goods trains.

Make sure you carry enough food and water as there is no shop on the way and the trek is almost 11 Kms one way. En route, we stopped at different places and clicked pics and rested. We went further and reached the bridge where the waterfalls can be viewed up and close. The bottom of the bridge is where the Jeeps take your and where you can swim. We did not go down as it was crowded owing to the weekend.

Here is a 3 min video of the entire trek.

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