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A stunning (offbeat) place to visit in Indonesia!

We all love exploring the unexplored and go to off beat places to witness the best of the best. Well, there is one such place which is stunning yet less popular among the Travelers.

Give yourself a short escape by visiting Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and Goa Tetes.

Source : Triptins

Located in Luwajang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, this waterfall is magical! The name translates to "A Thousand Waterfalls".

How to reach :

Basically there are at least 3 available ways to get to this falls which are via Sidomulyo, Goa Tetes & Malang. The easiest alternative if you go there from Lumajang would be via Sidomulyo as the gate entrance can be clearly spotted from the main street.

The best way to reach this place is to take a bus to Lumajang and then take another bus to Dampit and get down at Pronojiwo (Just let the driver to notify you once you reach there).


The entrance gate is opened around 8AM to 3PM. The ticket shall cost you around IDR 10k /pax.

The trek :

The trekking path is quite challenging since it does very steep. You will mostly be walking on small bamboo staircases and sometimes you need to pass some slippery wet stones and crossing several tiny rivers along the way. Proper trekking sandals or shoes for your own safety is recommended. It takes around 30-45 minutes and perhaps it will be doubled when you ascend.

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The Waterfall :

Once at the foot of the waterfall, feel that incredible energy, take rest and of click a lot of photos. Take a few lens clean clothes because your lens will get wet. If there is one place in the world we can go back to, it would be this best waterfall in Indonesia.

Please note that there is no accommodation options available there.

Would you be visiting this place the next time you visit Indonesia?


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