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Kashmir Great Lakes : The best trek

To Travel is to live.

Recently I had been on a trek to Kashmir.

This trek was so unexpected when one of my friends called me and told me that there is one slot available for this trek and that she is booking it for me!

Well, I didn’t deny it and agreed. I was a little skeptical about visiting Kashmir as my friends had suggested me that the place is not that safe. In spite of all that, I decided to go ahead for this trek called Kashmir Great Lakes which is a 7 day trek.

The Trek started off from Sonamarg and trust me, I was spell bound by the beauty of Kashmir.

Dal Lake, Srinagar

This is the view of the the small beautiful village from the start of the trek

The Trek offered some of the most beautiful visual sights which were a treat to me eyes.

After having climbed and trekked for around 10 kms on an average a day, it was such an amazing feel to camp near places like this.

The best part of the trek was that I was being one with Nature. The sound of water flowing, birds chirping, the cool breeze, sleeping under the starry night were something which was bliss.

This is by far the most amazing, the most interesting and the most thrilling travel experience I’ve ever had.

Being a Vlogger, I have made this beautiful vlog of my this Trip to Kashmir.

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