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17 places in Himachal Pradesh that you should not miss

Himachal Pradesh is called ‘Dev-Bhoomi’ - Land of the Gods! And, it is right. Himachal Pradesh has umpteen number of places where tourists will feel like heaven. Though it is a small state compared to UP, Maharashtra Karanataka etc, yet, it has hundreds of places of interest for those who love the mountains and forests.

HP has been one of my favorite states so far (though I have been to virtually all states, barring some N-E states like Nagaland and Mizoram).

Here are some surprises for those who have not been to Himachal Pradesh, and these include many which people should find out and visit.


Why I list this first is because of a natural phenomena. This lake changes in size, color, shape every week. One week it is frozen white, the next it may have liquid water with grass around it. The color too keeps changing from white to blue to green and some more.


This place has a breathtaking panoramic view with luck Deodar trees surrounding it 360 degrees.


The temperature in Spiti is can go down to as low as -25 Degree Celsius.

Lahaul and Spiti (part of Spiti valley) are the coldest inhabited areas of India. During summer this is one of the best places to visit.


The seat of HH Dalai Lama. This is now a world renowned tourist place due to him. Here, one must visit the Norbulingka Institute/Monastery. This is stunning - the temple, the art centre and the museum is jaw dropping (thanks to guides, it is brilliant).


A little over 5 kms above Dharamsala is the stunning. Set amid the Dhauladhar mountains, the view from up there is breathtaking.


In Dharamkot, we can find a mix of Indian and Israeli cultures. Don’t be surprised if you find signboards in Hindi and English along with Hebrew. That’s because this place has a large expatriate community of Israelis who visit Dharamkot especially after the young ones complete their compulsory military training. Then they come either here or they go to Kasauli, also in HP.


A mile long trek from Dharamkot into the mountains will lead you to this stunning place - very popular among tourists for trekking and for snowfalls.


Like Dharamkot, KASAULI is another destination for Israelis.


Dalhousie is a silent hill station with little night life, most suited for people who want to de-stress, who like the quiet, serene atmosphere, and for honeymooners, ideal for long walks picnics and treks. While there is plenty to do, see and experience, Dalhousie exudes an old-world charm and it almost seems like it hasn't quite caught up with the rest of the world.


The drive from Dalhousie to Dainkund is one of the rare drives with snow ad ice on either side of the ridges as we drive through.


Tattapani means ‘Hot Water’. It is so called because of the hot water springs in a small 1 sq km area.

If you love white water rafting, or you love hot pool bath (springs), this is the place to go. During monsoons, this place can be dangerous, and rafting is prohibited. The Sutlej is serene near the springs but it roars up stream


The ever-charming Queen of Hills 'Shimla' was once the summer capital of the British in India. This beautiful hill station is surrounded by picturesque green valleys, snow-capped Himalayan mountain range, scenic hills, and spectacular structures, made during the colonial era.


Kufri is a picturesque hill station situated 20 km from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Founded in 1819 by the British, the popularity of the hill station as a tourist spot grew only in the last few decades. Kufri derives its name from ‘Kufr’ which means lake.

Especially popular among trekkers, Kufri is the starting point of treks to Manali, Shimla, Rewalsar and Fagu among others.


Among the most popular destinations of India.


For those who love snow and ice, and enjoy bit of skiing, this is a heaven for them.


Kullu Valley created by Beas river is among the most beautiful valleys of India.


Manikaran on Parvati river is famous for the famous Manikaran Gurudwara Sahib, in Parvati Valley, which is majestic.

I suppose that is sufficient. However, these are just a few places in Himachal pradesh. There are some other places worth visiting -

Kangra Valley, Kangra Fort, Masrur Temple, Kasauli, Minnaur, Chail, Chamba, Mandi, Tirthan Valley, Kaza (extremely cold), Narkanda, Kalpa, Shoghi, Sangla, Mashorba, Nalagrah, Naggar, Kheerganga, Tosh, Pin Parvati Pass.

(Some of these images are sourced from Google)

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